disjointed title for disjointed post.  you have been warned.

thing #1.  i want a bouvier des flandres.  i have been seeing a fantastic dog walk by my work – it looks like a cross between a large terrier and a dragon.  and i think this is it.  they're so fluffy!  and beardy!  and big!  bouvier-cross would be even better, and ideally a rescue dog, because i don't want to buy any puppies.  but oh, the puppies!

thing #2.  i went to a baby shower yesterday.  deserves its own entry so i'll leave you hanging for the moment – but the wait will be worth it.

thing #3.  bumbly and i are going to australia on wednesday!  photos aplenty when we return, no doubt.

thing #R.  there's another giant squid fixing down in the university carpark.  she's a big 'un.  i'll post photos tomorrow.

thing #5.  flight of the conchords will be on for a second season!

thing #6.   we've started a weekly game of settlers, complete with all the crazy extensions, robbers, bandits, pirates, metropoli, commodities and other head-spinningly complicated possibilities.  it's coooooool.

thing #7.  axolotls are squidgy!  and when they eat too many water-boatmen, they have buoyancy problems, causing them to float for easier squidging access! 

thing #8.  i woke up at 2:45 this morning and couldn't get back to sleep.  i blame the particularly good, if potent, tiramisu from sal rose, which is apparently delayed-action tiramisu, because i got to sleep and stayed there just fine for about 4 hours.  but then – oh, the tossing and turning.  oh, the unsettling and resettling of the 14-lb cat.  oh, the fitful sighings and starings at pillow, wall, ceiling, window (none of which is actually visible to someone with a -9 prescription).  but if you think that i wasted the ensuing four hours (because i did not, in fact, get back to sleep before the alarm went off) – not so.  many moons ago (ha) i dreamed up a vague sketchy idea for a book i would like to write someday, a fantasy-science-fictiony type deal.  literally dreamed it up since the idea popped out of my subconscious and i managed to remember it in the morning.  well, ladies and gentlemen, this fictional world has been fleshed out and made reality by four hours of insomniac concentration, and someday it will appear on paper.  now that harry potter is over, i sense an opening in the market, so just as soon as i finish my thesis…

this numbered entry has been brought to you by the letter ß.

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