i'm pregnant.  (pebbles, keep breathing.  mom, you too.)  no – not the kind of pregnant that everyone else seems to be these days, the literal biological kind that brings horrifically squashed internal organs and the physical gain of 50+ pounds and the prospect of baby showers (still working on that post, btw).  i have three friends due this week (well, one popped already), and while i follow their developments with interest, believe me, their imminent offspring are all the imminent offspring i need in my life, now and for about the next ten years.

i seem to be academically pregnant.  i have plenty of things i'd like to get written up here, but the manuscript i'm working on (not even technically the thesis right now, although this will be about another 1/4 of it) has grown from a few tiny cells of information to a stage where it's so big, i can't sit and comfortably do something else without it getting in the way.  it gives me carpal tunnel.  it makes me pee frequently (indirectly, due to increased tea consumption).  it wakes me up at night, with nightmares of some huge glaring oversight.  it has a specific deadline (three weeks from now) by which i absolutely want it to be born and on its way, otherwise it will get buried under the next round of overseas findings.  it also gives me the liberty to work from home, since i can do much of the finalizing on my laptop, makings lists of things i need to check on the specimens next time i'm in at the office.  i get cravings, mostly driven by the nagging knowledge of what's in the fridge, waiting to be eaten.  right now i can smell fresh bread.

i suspect that this state of affairs will continue approximately until i depart for europe, at the end of the month, at which stage things will probably start picking up again here – the period of time during which i historically posted the most frequently (in the 7 months since this site's inception) was while i was overseas on the last trip.  so hang in there, i'm sure there are photos and adventures aplenty waiting to debut.

but in the meantime, here's a glimpse of the ungainly, many-armed, many-paged thing waiting to see the light of day.  to me, orchestrating the final assembly is like watching the tiny, perfect fingernails grow, but i guess i understand if it turns out to be the kind of thing only a mother can love.

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