and it is this.  my thesis is quite efficiently draining my will to live capacity to write anything longer than a paragraph and looks to continue the trend for the next seven or so weeks.  yet i keep sneaking off to do non-thesis-related things, and taking my camera, and thinking, i should post this when i get the chance.  the result is a large backlog of photos intended for this site that haven't made it here yet, languishing in a number of folders on my desktop that i refuse to file away before i get around to making a real grown-up entry about them, with, like, accompanying prose and stuff.
well, away with this guilt and these languishing photos.  (actually guilt doesn't seem to be as familiar a concept as i thought – i just accidentally typed 'quilt' instead, twice.)  instead i will try to put up a nice photo every day (which we shall tag 'potd' for photo of the day!  oh the cunningness!), when i don't manage a more substantial effort.  maybe there will even be some accompanying baby prose, but don't get your hopes up too high.
here's the first one – lovely gray pebbles (tee hee) and a smidge of life, on the beach in napier.

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