unbelievably, roger has been gone almost two weeks now.  and yet, he is everywhere – a birthday present i had ordered for him has arrived; a scrap of handwritten paper with his blog address sits in my window; today we took his thesis to the bindery.

after he left nz last march, i believe he checked this site frequently for photos of places he’d been and new places he was looking forward to going when he came back.  i have a large backlog of things i’ve been meaning to post, from travels to local bugs, that i wish he’d seen; so i’ll start cleaning up my act with a photo from nelson lakes regional park (one of the stops on the pebbles’ and my honeymoon last november), and hope that roger can still enjoy it from somewhere in the ether.  he spent four days hiking in this park last february and it was one of his favorite memories from his time here.

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