sooo, it’s good friday, and i’m at work, and i feel a cold coming on.  our original plans for easter had us scheduled to fly to cairns today and be sleeping aboard a dive boat on the way out to the great barrier reef tonight.  sadly, the company we wanted to go with – the only company that did research as well as dumping tourists in the water to poke the pretty fishies (sorry, impending cold snark) – folded in february.  rescheduling with a different operator would have cost us about $1500 each and we didn’t feel that good about going with one of the non-eco outfits.

we decided to head over to australia anyway and visit the pebbles’ dad and stepmom in gold coast, and to catch up with tomboy for the first time in a year.  so tomorrow we head out in the afternoon, to start sunning ourselves and avoiding sharp, poisonous things for five days.  (by which i mean the aussie fauna of course.  what did you think?)  if i get lucky, maybe i’ll come back with some wicked new spider pics.  if i get unlucky, maybe i’ll get back with some wicked new spider pics and fond memories of a recent trip to the emergency room.  in which case a large haul of new stuff from our closest ikea (brisbane) will be necessary to assuage the trauma.

the weekend should bring merry reunions, cheese fondue, chocolate eggs and maybe even a vampire dinner show.  bring it on!  and in honor of the star-crossed cancelled dive trip and the spring (heh) fertility festival, i give you our own local brand of pastel easter eggs… from the arrow squid, Nototodarus gouldii.  courtesy of tony enderby.