i spent most of last week freezing in wellington – i must truly have a flat learning curve, to have gone down there with neither scarf nor umbrella.  both were sorely missed.  i did manage to see the colossal squid display, finally, and was delighted to discover a current exhibition on monet and the other impressionists (which i missed in college, when it was on at its home, the boston museum of fine arts).  i also discovered a sandwich that made me nearly as rapturous as the windfall of german food: reuben sandwich on a jalapeno cheese bagel.  hot DAMN.  i had to have two of those, plus two additional bagels, over the three days i was in town.

sadly, due to wind/rain/general meteorological misery, wellington itself afforded no decent photos.  i did get some nice behind-the-scenes ones at the museum, but it’s not the right day for those yet.  ;)  the flight back on friday, however, presented some very nice vistas indeed.

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