so far, i’ve resisted the meme thing.  (in fact, i just had to look up meme to make sure i was saying it correctly to myself in my head, you know, all the times i was repeating it to myself over and over while not doing it.)  i’ve even liked the ideas of some of the memes floating around and thought they might be fun, but just never got on the bandwagon.  i don’t do the ‘5 things’ or ‘5 places’ lists on facebook either, don’t take the quizzes, haven’t made my pretend album cover. it’s not a Statement Of Alternativity, a condemnation of those who do want you to know what five random objects they could reach from their chair right now, or five things they found stuck in their teeth yesterday, or whatever – i just know i already have too many hobbies i’d rather be doing.  (like, erm, online scrabble.)

but at last a meme popped up that made me curious enough to try it out, and i liked the results enough that i might as well air them here.  i think this is actually an oldish one, but schmutzie just did it, and if it’s cool enough for her right now, it’s cool enough for me.  here we go, the top results in my browser’s navigation history bar that come up from entering each letter of the alphabet.  (i also find it interesting that for some letters, like q, the result seems completely unrelated and must have come from having a random string of characters somewhere in the url.)

a – arachnoboards (no surprise there)
b – in the bewilderness
c – cephalopod international advisory council symposium 2009 (here i come!)
d – daily coyote – everyone needs a little charlie
e – greenpeace
f – speaking of faith
g – grooveshark online music channel
h – phd comics
i – that damn island reef job
j – roger’s old blog, das teuthologicon
k – krikit arts
l – the library
m – mimi smartypants
n – not exactly rocket science
o – the Onychoteuthidae, on the tree of life
p – a prairie home companion
q – how to make an origami bat (?!)
r – car talk
s – google scholar
t – the octopus news magazine online
u – ugly overload
v – viajera, my pen pal’s new blog about life in argentina
w – info on a working holiday in germany
x – 1886 report (xliv) on the cephalopods collected by the challenger expedition
y – tomboy‘s blog
z – international time zone converter