oh, the shame.  episode 26, the half-yearly anniversary of the weekly spider feature, is a week late.  all i can say is, i’m on vacation, but as you will see, i haven’t actually been neglecting the eight-leggers.  only the celebritizing them online.  so here are a selection of the fearsome beasts i’ve encountered in northern minnesota in the last two weeks.  a little light on the info this week, too, i’m afraid, but a picture is worth… you know.

here’s an orb-weaver who lives in an outside phone box at the cabin.
and a tiny, fat-bodied jumper who turned up in the sink.
a wee flower-hugger.
and an ash-colored grass-spider-type who was hiding in the barbecue.
and finally, a nice male wolf spider who came running across the floor of the sleeping porch right before bedtime.  check out the palps!

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