i realized recently that my spider enthusiasm ranges far beyond its once-a-week airing here.  without really meaning to, i’ve managed to acquire a closet (and in some cases, wall) full of arachnophile gear.  so while i try to work out the rights to some photos of interesting species for next week, i’ll suggest this article on uloborids crushing their prey with their own silk, and use this space to spotlight some of my favorite spidery accoutrements.  sadly, i cannot find my spider hoodie at the moment, and at least two pairs of socks are missing, but here are two more.

then there are the pajama pants.  (the black-and-orange theme is a common one, since hallowe’en is one of the better times for stocking up on spider gear.)  they should really have eight legs, but you can’t have everything.

smaller spiders can also be found in several more subtle accessories.

and finally, probably the crowning piece in my spider collection, is this beautiful handmade quilt.  it was a wedding present from one of my best friends, made by her aunt-in-law, and i had admired it on the wall of her house for years.  even got inspired to try making my own, which is languishing, half finished, in the sewing machine cabinet.  this quilt is amazing, not only for its vibrant colors and gorgeous design (and the fact that it was hand-carried to new zealand!), but also for the fact that my friend’s aunt one day found a real spider crawling across it, which she commemorated with the silver brooch that now marks the spot.

so there you go, i talk the spider talk and walk the eight-footed spider walk.  next week, we’ll be back to the real deal.

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