behold, the jacobite steam train.

on wednesday it chugged us all the way (84 miles round-trip) from fort william to mallaig and back again, past lochs, inlets, meadows, and high cliffs, and over the rather famous glenfinnan viaduct. mallaig was a cute little town but the hour and a half we had there were just about right; mostly the journey was about the scenery. (at least for us – an astounding number of trainspotters lined the tracks, often in remote and unlikely locations, to watch us puff by.)

after our return we went to check out nearby neptune’s staircase, an impressive series of eight locks that raise (or lower) boats 64 feet over a quarter-mile stretch between the great glen canal and the inland tip of the inlet.  from there we also got the clearest view (all relative) of ben nevis, which made us so hungry we had to stop in at the nearest pub for hot chips followed immediately by dinner.  we took one last farewell stroll through fort william as the moon rose, and packed up to move on again in the morning.

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