webnesday, episode 40 (friendly stranger edition)
welcome to another edition of ‘this is cool but i have no idea what it is.’ i found this little guy on the wall above our fishtank last week.  from a distance, it looked a little like Trite planiceps – similar size; vaguely similar shape; large, dark front legs.  but on closer inspection the abdomen, which is relatively larger and a different shape, looks flufflier and has a beautiful grass-green stripe running down the middle.  the front legs also appear a bit different and the jaws are shorter and more bulbous.  so for now, i will tentatively say ‘Trite sp.’ … i have sent a few draglines out into the nz spider world to see if anyone can name this beastie for me, and if they do, i’ll update it here.
in the meantime, hope you enjoy the pics – s/he was very friendly and even came in for a much closer look at me a few times (see videos at the end – sorry for the low quality, i’ve misplaced my better video camera for the moment).

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