i’ve had a few bits of spidery luck lately — saw a lovely big male vagrant (Uliodon sp.) over the weekend, was visited in the shower by a white-tail, and while i sat outside yesterday, a nice little coppery jumper threw a few lines of silk over my arm.  but today… today i hit the jackpot.

i almost made it out of a large book sale less than $40 poorer… but then there was this.  there i was, shuffling my thick but bargainous stack of imminent purchases from arm to arm, casting a cursory final glance over the table, when the heavens opened and a thread of gleaming golden silk dropped down to caress the shiny black cover.  i nearly dropped everything else i was carrying.

did you know about the stercoral chamber?  the malpighian tubules?  how about the thoracenteron?  me neither – but i will!  and look – recognize this?

i believe we’ve seen that behavior somewhere before!  and do we want to know more about jumping spiders?  ok then…

i might be just a tiny (dare we say ‘itsy bitsy’) bit in love with this book.  i might be trying really hard not to drool all over it.  and i might also be trying really hard not to just spew out nz spider facts and stats like some crazed Porrhothele with diarrhetic spinnerets.  (remember when i was trying to find the names of the different kinds of hairs on the legs?  got ’em!  setose, feathery, tenent!)  how am i doing?
on a sobering note, this does not bode well for my other current projects.  i’m part-teaching a course with 1400 students enrolled, knitting a beret, writing a book, finshing the revisions on my thesis for publication, and doing some free-lance editing.  but guess what.  there are ~2500 species of spider in new zealand and i want to read about them all!  i want to peruse barry webster’s beautiful drawings at leisure and go back to fix any inaccuracies i managed to relate in the earlier 42 episodes of webnesday!  i want to start a life-list of spiders and include a wish-list section!

in short, i want to spend the next several months like this: