kitten update!  the wee rascals have been with us over two weeks now, and have gone from four-week old, tottering, somewhat unfocused dustbunnies to sly, coordinated, and above all, SHARP six-week-old beings of chaos and infinite curiosity.  their eyes are beginning to change from blue to green (well – some are almost all green now), from the center of the iris toward the outside, which is very striking. 

they are adorable, bouncy, and ridiculous.

they are using the litterbox consistently (hooray!), entertaining each other much of the time (hooray!), scoffing soaked dry food like little tubs of guts (hooray!), and are starting to wonder what’s outside the door (less hooray).  they are still nursing a little, but zoe is pretty much over that and keeps it limited to short sessions, usually getting fed up (ha) before the fourth one has realized the others are feeding. 

they all have names and distinct personalities now, too.  imp, who was the first out of the box when they arrived, is still the most adventuresome.  he is one of the best at climbing, has tireless energy, plays vigorously and is basically a little holy terror (thus suiting his name).  he is distinguished from his brother wash by having an orange half-moustache.

wash, who was the instigator of about a week of sneezing that never quite developed into full-on cat flu, is the calmest of the litter.  he likes to be warm, and is the cuddliest, being happy to sit on laps or cupped in hands and watch the others play, although he does join in.  he is also now the largest of the kittens, weighing in at a hefty 720g (got him at 450).  he is very sweet, and he and imp would make an excellent adoption pair!

river is the one who fell asleep in my sweatshirt the first day.  she is the fastest and most agile at playing, chasing and pouncing.  her favorite pastime other than chasing string and flax-fronds is sparring with imp and giving him a good kick in the head.  she is a great jumper and dancer, but will also settle on laps occasionally.

tris was the shyest when she arrived and was quite wary of people and handling, but now she climbs into our laps as fast as anyone.  she is the most curious and the first to investigate new objects and toys.  she still looks surprised most of the time, and is the only one who looks like she belongs to zoe.

zoe herself continues to be amazingly affectionate, purring like a mad thing and butting her head against any part of people she can reach.  there is some suspicion that this may indicate that she’s in heat again.  she is also desperate to get out and has escaped (outside!) twice, once by pulling off the wood/rabbit-wire screen i had fastened into the window with two metal latches AND weighted with my 30-lb dive belt.  i really, really hope she didn’t get pregnant again while she was outside… she is about two weeks from being spayed but due to her superfeline strength, she may have managed a last hurrah.  bad zoe.  in general, she is still beautiful (i love her patchwork feet and chest, and the orange cleopatra-style stripes on her face), although she also has undignified moments.