2010 has departed and so have the first batch of foster kittens.  the day of parting was inevitable and i won’t dwell on it; instead i offer some more sickeningly cute photos of their ongoing shenanigans.  by the time they went back for adoption (and all were snapped up pretty much immediately, including zoe), they could jump a good 40 cm off the ground and leap over long distances; they barely fit into their favorite milk-jug toy anymore; their bellies were well above a good, chunky handful each; and i was slightly in love with all of them.  in case you couldn’t tell.  i actually thought zoe was coming back to us for a little while since the spca said they were completely overrun with grown cats, so i had planned to have her for a few extra days following her spay.  but then it turned out she had gone up for adoption instead, so i didn’t really get the chance to say goodbye (see?  see how i am not dwelling?  yeah) — but i’m sure she’s completely won over some new hearts already.  as it turned out, the one i will have ongoing contact with is imp, since my sister adopted him!  now called nacho (or weasel, or crumpet, or schnurbart, depending whom you ask), he is already a lanky adolescent with a giant purr.  so here are a few final shots of him and his siblings in their kittenhood.