i’m sure you knew it wouldn’t be long before the debut of foster batch #2.  the last of the first litter, imp-nacho-weasel-crumpet, is doing well at my sister’s — getting big, and learning not to mark his territory in the middle of the feather bed.  ah, cats.so here are the newbies.  they all came to the spca individually, so they got foster siblings as well as foster parents.  scuttle, the black tiger (i’ve never seen a black-black tabby before!)  is the only male; he is coltish, baby-faced and has a tiny but ever-more-frequent purr.  diva is the pushiest, feistiest, and purriest of the lot, and is pretty much a little femme fatale with her tortoise-tabby markings (including orange back knees and ear spots), plus white feet and tail-tip.  neenish, the black-and-white (of course),  is the most stand-offish, but we’re working on her – stay tuned!

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you can tell they’re trouble already.  :)