the time has almost come for foster batch #2 to trade their reproductive systems for forever-homes; tomorrow they will go back to the spca, have their next round of vaccines and their desexing surgeries, and be up for adoption on the weekend.  (come on, auckland, you know you want them!)  although we didn’t get these kittens in the fuzzball stage — they were about 7 weeks old already — their development has been noticeable and impressive.  they are speedy and agile, have definite personalities and have learned a number of things, including how to be gentle with their claws when playing (with humans at least — diva did get a scratched nose from someone last week), how to climb and balance on the papasan chair frame (cushion removed for cleaning, post-accident… sigh), and how to start looking for the red laser pointer spot when they hear it click on.  and wow, does that provide hours of entertainment for everyone!  each kitten has his/her own way of stalking and chasing, and they often ambush each other while one is distracted in the laser hunt. they are bigger than the previous batch were when they went back, because they got a relatively serious case of cat flu (diva sounded like a croupy duckling for about three days) and had to stay with us for treatment.  darn ;)

so here are the latest pics.  because i can’t post videos here, i have started to put them on youtube (both the first and second batches — and the first ones look so tiny!)

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