apart from the zoo, the final week of my trip at home was made of nice, quiet days at my parents’ house.   the cats and i entertained each other (in very different ways… leo likes games of hide-and-seek, exploring cardboard boxes and bags, riding on shoulders, and napping on your chest; for fizzgig, it’s more of a wary circling with occasional hissing [she does most of the hissing, but sometimes you just have to answer], until she sits on your lap and pretty much dares you to move or fidget); i joined dad and limo on walks, cooked a bit, played a lot of scrabble with mom, and did more stuff triage in my room. 

tragically, it was too wet outside to get drafted into any yard work, but at least the flowers were happy.

and so the final few days passed.  i left with more than twice as much luggage as i’d had on arrival, but there’s still plenty to do when we return for christmas. :)