continuing day 1 of the dive trip… after the first two dives at ‘petaj’, we stayed on milln reef, but moved to a site called ‘the whale’ (the top of the main bommie sits just under the surface, disturbing the water in a way that looks much like a whale rolling and blowing).  the sun was warm, the breeze steady, and we mostly dried out between dives; the constant prune-fingers and dreadlock-style hair would not set in permanently until day 2.  from the surface, the water was a crystal blue-green and we could easily see the sandy bottom, punctuated by bommies of all heights and sizes.  large fish (mostly trevally) gathered under the boat while it was moored, and an impressive maori/humphead wrasse idled nearby, inspecting most divers as they entered the water.  on the afternoon dives, we also saw huge moray eels (and a large grouper startled by the same) and our first turtle (a green), as well as trumpetfish, moorish idols, puffers, fields of blunt coral fists, and many different kinds of fish that glowed galaxy-like with iridescent stars.

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