while i am pulling together a few new webnesday posts, i wanted to share some links to very cool spider stuff that others have sent me recently.  first, there are these amazing microscopy images by igor siwanowicz, mostly of jumping spider eyes, but also of some very cool other arthropods and beasties.

Jumping spider - frontal section, anterior median eyes: lenses removed

then there are some other lovely macro shots of spiders and amblypygids by dylan van winkel, an article about beefy-legged spider cannibals (Palpimanus spp.),  and a nice gallery with accompanying info about a variety of cool spider studies.  and did you know that there’s a spider that spends its entire life underwater?!

i think you need some tarantula slippers.  (for dancing the tarantella?)

and finally, a lovely ‘find the spider’ photo over on krikit arts.