introducing: solstice friday XIII.  more often known as solstice, soli, friday, sophie, smooches, or fuzzkin.  as of three weeks ago (tomorrow), we are back up to a two-cat household… following the loss of our beloved levi, we had friends staying with us for a few weeks, whose two little cats kept tanuki busy (and vice versa).  after they left, it was fairly evident that she was lonely and in need of much crazy chasing-time when we got home from work, so we eyed up the ‘available cats‘ page at the spca (warning — that is a dangerous link) for a few weeks and noticed a few we were interested in meeting.  as it happened, the day we made our visit, only one of those was still up for adoption (yay for the others!) and he wanted to be an only cat.  however, in cage 13 (where else?!), we found this little girl hanging out with her two sisters.  they were 8 months old, a little younger and smaller than tanuki — just about perfect.  and she pretty much chose us.  we had our eye on her anyway, with her gorgeous black coat and tiny sprinkling of white throat-hairs, but her constant purr and head-butting of our hands and legs made it so that we didn’t really need to meet anyone else.

she settled in quickly at home, living in our room for a couple days to give her a secure smallish space, but we did allow tanuki to come in a few times and say hi.  overnight, they happily shared us and the remaining space on the bed, and have since settled into an easy friendship that alternates between napping in close proximity (though not touching), eating side by side, and frantic chasing up and down the hallway and stairs (as i type).  when friday came down with cat flu (or some other similar respiratory ailment) and spent a few days hunched in on herself with eyes mostly closed, sneezing pitifully (and juicily), tanuki already showed signs of play-withdrawal and was overjoyed when friday began perking up (the result of two pills and two applications of eye ointment a day for a week; not the best way to get your new cat to trust you).

her personality is already quite distinct; she is not a lap-cat but will happily curl up next to warm legs (at night) or on the arm of the sofa, to be happily encircled by a person’s arm.  when dozing, any human touch will elicit an adorable brrt!  she is far more vocal than either of our other cats and chats cheerfully with anyone in the room who talks to her.  she does not mind her (still naked from the spay) belly being stroked.  she likes to chase fast-moving toys where tanuki prefers the ones that creep slowly and erratically across the floor; the chasing may be to offset friday’s impressive appetite, which has allowed her to put on 400 grams in the three weeks we’ve had her.

so here she is, the newest member of the family.  hope you like her — she’s sure to be a recurring feature.  :)

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