hmm, las vegas.  what to say about las vegas… ?  the pebbles noticed early in our trip planning that it was within reach of other places we would be, but did not press the issue.  i then realized that there were a large number of cirque du soleil shows on offer there, and suggested we might have a night in town as long as we could go to one.

so we did.

the city was everything we expected, and more, and less, in all the possible ways.  sparkly, glitzy, overwhelming, boundlessly opulent, unlimited things to see but many of them pretty much the same.  we walked a bit on the strip (although we managed to be in town on the day the strip was largely closed for a marathon), ate, goggled, got overloaded, took a nap.  looked around some more, saw the world’s tallest chocolate fountain, drove to hoover dam, got lost in our hotel (bellagio – might as well go iconic), and did, in fact, see a cirque show, “O”.  it was incredible.  if i say that the stage was mostly an ever-changing pool, that does not do it justice.  it was grand and gratuitous on a level with everything else in las vegas – the contortionist act involved four performers who arrived on the stage suspended by their feet from four more performers on trapezes.  there were (without exaggeration) fifteen lyra artists going at once.  high divers plummeted  into the pool from a level higher than the top of the stage’s proscenium.  the stage hands were all on scuba rigs.  a woman on trapeze balanced on her head, on the trapeze bar, as it swung wildly high above the stage.  i’ve never seen anything like it.  i can only recommend that if you ever have the chance – go!

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