so, this is the end of california — finished, even though it took nearly seven months!  over those ten days at the start of december 2011, we covered about 2100 miles in our little black rental beast.  it seems only appropriate, therefore, to reflect on all the different roads we traveled.  scrubby desert roads lined with strange joshua trees; long straight highway stretches with mountains looming on one or several sides; snowy gravel roads high in the forest, lined with giant trees; out-of-place-seeming asphalt strips winding through strange rock formations; rolling river-side roads and a spectacular final drive along the coast.  from the car, we saw sunrises, sunsets, and moonrises; lakes, streams, waterfalls, and the ocean; cattle, birds, and coyotes.  it had been a long time since we’d traveled together to somewhere new to both of us (well — technically all three of us, since i was 14 weeks pregnant and also spent a fair amount of the car-time either feeling queasy or eating trail-mix), and we’re so glad we did.  so here are my favorite shots taken of, along or from the road.  thanks, california — we had a great time getting to know you better!


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