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the americas, part 3: omaha

as is often the case, we traveled south from mn to my parents’ place in omaha, but this time we stopped along the way to see a live broadcast of a prairie home companion.  this was a particular wish of mine, since i’d never been before and garrison is likely to retire soonish, and it was an especially good show—the finals of the annual duet competition.  i highly recommend listening to the winners, mamuse (their winning song is here); their voices were lovely and ethereal and their a cappella piece held the audience silently captivated.

in omaha, the weather was of the lovely warm autumnal kind, conducive to outdoor activities, so we took advantage and went walking in the botanical gardens and in fontenelle forest.  as usual, the elf rode along merrily in the front-pack, alternately watching the world go by with big blue eyes (often while chewing noisily on the pack straps; the high-tide marks are getting pretty gross so we’ll be washing the carrier as soon as we get home) and snoring gently with her head bobbling at an unlikely angle.  she appears unfazed by the constant changes of scene and venue, happy to watch any pieces of the world go by that we care to show her, and blissfully unaware of our changing accommodation as she snuggles down in her tent for the night.  seems like we’ve managed to get a pretty good kid. :)

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