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it’s 2010! woot! … aw, crap.

crickets and tumbleweed, begone!  let the archives sneer ‘2010 (0 posts)’ no more.  yes, it’s been a very quiet month over here, but that’s just because i’ve been letting everything pile up into a huge backlog, waiting to burst through the dam of inertia and bad metaphors into the new year like a really big, bursting thing.  coherence is my middle name – tinten coherence fisch.
(how’s this for a brilliant start – glad you waited around?)
so, by way of a quick catch-up (and some thinly veiled excuses) the last month has involved: adjustment to non-full-time working schedule (sometimes optimistically called ‘early retirement’ or ‘between contracts’); surprise christmas visit to family in nelson, followed by three-week visit from parents, followed by weekend visit from the final remaining set of parental figures; interspersed visits from belgians and germans; hikes, beaches, barbecues, scrabble, food food and more food, a lot of presents; not enough spiders.
unfinished business on the inkspot that i hope to attend to within the next few weeks will include:
– the final photos and sealogs from my time on the ship in november
– the resurrection of webnesday, which i intend to see through to the full 52 episodes, even though this will stretch over more than the planned calendar year
– the supremely overdue conclusion of last summer’s trip to the US
– other bits and pieces as they crop up.  for example, opportunistic additions (i typed ‘addictions’ first – what does that suggest, hmm?) to the occasional 2×2 photo series.
– photos of the moon!  if i can improve my technique for shooting down the barrel of my extremely shiny new telescope (thanks, pebbles!).  initial results are not bad but could definitely use some refining…

so here we are, silence broken and first post out of the way.  bring on the tigers!

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i’ve seen better camouflage

wee weta

weta are usually big, ugly bugs (even by my standards).  they turn up in a variety of startling places (with a preference for darkness and moisture) including inside folded umbrellas, hoses, and barbecue covers.  a friend of mine was terrorized by a particularly large specimen (on the order of 8cm long) sitting on her toothpaste tube – all day long.  a different friend of mine swears that he passed out once on his own front lawn in a less-than-sober state, snored the night away and woke up with, yes, a weta in his mouth.  my own personal best weta run-in also happened in the wee hours of the morning, when i rolled over in my sleep and was awakened by the feel of something scratchy against my leg.  my semi-conscious, yet surprisingly accurate brain, observed ‘hey, that feels like a weta leg.’  and yes, lo and behold – a disembodied (thank goodness) weta leg, about 5cm long.  we blame the cat.

but they start out cute.  or cuter.  cute-ish?  … ok, at least the babies don’t have that massive head yet.  this one was only about 1cm long.

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just having fun with my camera on an evening walk up mt albert on monday, when these perfectly outlined leaves caught my eye.  :)

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picking up pieces

unbelievably, roger has been gone almost two weeks now.  and yet, he is everywhere – a birthday present i had ordered for him has arrived; a scrap of handwritten paper with his blog address sits in my window; today we took his thesis to the bindery.

after he left nz last march, i believe he checked this site frequently for photos of places he’d been and new places he was looking forward to going when he came back.  i have a large backlog of things i’ve been meaning to post, from travels to local bugs, that i wish he’d seen; so i’ll start cleaning up my act with a photo from nelson lakes regional park (one of the stops on the pebbles’ and my honeymoon last november), and hope that roger can still enjoy it from somewhere in the ether.  he spent four days hiking in this park last february and it was one of his favorite memories from his time here.

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this morning, a mountain

guest bug

today we have a guest appearance from my dad, who is a far more established and prolific photographic talent than i.  he spotted and shot this wonderfully bristly robber fly (family Asilidae) in northern minnesota a few weeks ago.

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‘cat’ found

and now, a pufferfish

it’s webnesday

i know that’s super corny, but i like the way it looks, with the backwards ‘d.’  like someone spelled the whole treacherous word right, except for one tiny detail.

i digress.

in the slanting pumpkin-colored rays of the sunset (on my walk home form work at 5pm – thanks, daylight savings), a spiderweb gleamed, slung between the lowest branch and the trunk of a licheny tree.

it was well-enough maintained that i thought there had to be an orb-weaver lurking somewhere nearby, probably camouflaged against the bark.  and sure enough.

and then i found $20.

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