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stopping by woods

the goal of our drive north was to visit the cabin to see how it had fared during the exceedingly snowy winter.  (answer: just fine.)  while we couldn’t stay there overnight without risking severe pneumonia, we were at leisure to walk up and down the hill, over variously bare or still-snowy ground, listening to the trees dripping, the dwindling ice sighing, and the few early-returned or hardy over-wintered forest dwellers (though no chipmunks were apparent), making the most of the final sunlight moments.  the air was crisp and clean, the ground spongy underfoot, and the broken ice drifted past the shore at a slow walking pace, melted into unlikely sculptures.  the sun set over the lake, far, far from where we ever see it in the summer, and a ghostly mist began to rise off the river we like to canoe on hot summer days.  far from seeming bleak, the cabin actually still feels magical at this time of year, perhaps even more for showing us an early-spring face we only rarely see.

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the first green flash

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water & air

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buck lake

on the concordia language villages’ main site, about an hour north of the cabin, is a small lake called buck lake.  it’s an odd shape, but just right for hiking around in about 45 minutes.  

when i first started going to skogfjorden, 19 years ago, we would have vespers at the fire circle there on sunday nights.  later in my clv career, the knights-in-training of the märchenwald program would go on a morning’s ‘journey’ to and around buck lake as part of their ordeal.  during the year that i lived at clv i also went for frequent walks there, and i have seen mist rising from its flat surface by the first light of morning, and the black silhouettes of trees lit only from the snowshine on the ground.  if you have been around this site for a while, you may even have heard loons crying there yourself.  it is a magical spot.

the pebbles and i went for a sunset walk around buck lake one evening before attending the märchenwald play.  the light was golden, the lake was calm and a crescent moon rose while we walked.  the woods were nearly silent, and the only other animal we encountered was one of the large beavers who live in the lake, whom we startled from a distance of about 20 feet.  he rocketed into the lake and propelled himself out of our sight using his massive tail.  then it was just us and a few sleepy songbirds.

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