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natural bridge

on day 2, we traveled to springbrook national park, to see a rather stunning natural bridge formed by a creek eroding its way down into a cave.   the forest surrounding the creek was lush and green, with dappled sunlight reaching the ground only after making its way through the high canopy overhead and copious epiphytes including ferns and elkhorns.  brush turkeys scuffled through the leaf litter, whip-birds called and the stream continued its gradual, inevitable erosion.

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waterfalls and wilderness

during our visit to the lake house, my uncle took us on a couple of nice hikes to admire the local scenery.  by ‘nice hikes’ i mean treks through the gorgeous woods that started on reasonably obvious trails but rapidly became more… adventurous.  streams were crossed on slippery logs, muddy precipitous hillsides were scrambled and slid down, and at one point, my uncle tied himself to a tree with a length of rope so he could edge out toward the lip of a 100-foot waterfall. ‘don’t worry,’ he called gaily from the edge.  ‘the rope isn’t that long, so if i fall, i’ll only land in that first funnel down there.’

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