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after our walks in the woods, we drove south to the twin cities for a weekend of catching up with friends and family, and a rather ridiculous ‘shops we don’t have in new zealand’ spree.  we also visited the betsy-tacy houses in mankato, then drove back down to omaha for a final relaxing week at home with parents and animals.  and not just any old animals… tradition dictates a visit to the zoo at least once during every trip to omaha.  and in spite of what seemed like every elementary school in nebraska being on field trips, we did catch glimpses of a few furries, scalies and featheries.

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two meerkats

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these photos are a composite series from two recent trips to the zoo, where we finally renewed our annual membership.  on the second visit, more animals were out basking, bouncing or tussling than i’d ever seen in a single visit before, and i had very fortunately grabbed my camera on the way out the door.  hooray for imperious displays, lovers’ quarrels and well-timed yawns!


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two tigers

hard to believe these guys were just kittens not that long ago

detached interest






a lot of stripes






over the weekend that followed our first week at the cabin, we traveled down to the twin cities to host ‘we do – part 2,’ the north american component of our wedding.  the celebratory activities included a hair-raising, stress-relieving, rootin’-tootin’ good visit to valleyfair; a ceremini complete with cutting of the wedding cheese; a dinner cruise on the st croix river; a picnic brunch at como park; and a tour of the historic james j. hill mansion in st paul.

of course, out of all those activities, the most interesting wildlife and photo ops were at como park.

for some reason, all the mammals were sleepy (some more than others).

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animals on parade

we usually keep up an annual membership with the local zoo, which is walking distance from our house and a fine destination on weekends.  recently it’s lapsed somewhat, but looking back over pictures from our most recent trip, i think we may need to take care of that soon.

the herps & birds were stealing the show for the first part of the visit.

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these rascals (and one more) were born at the local zoo earlier this year.  in the absence of time for proper written postings, they shall be my ambassadors for today.